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By now you know that there's no such thing as "real" magic (except maybe during David Blane's inexplicable levitations), but the Marine Magellan Security & Monitoring System from GOST may be the closest thing we'll ever get. Among its many capabilities, the GOST Phantom can notify you via your cell phone if any alarms are set off, including those for smoke, high water, low voltage, loss of shore power and intrusion.

What's really spellbinding, though, is the system's optional add-on Wireless PGM feature. Simply stated, the feature is a switch that is wirelessly controlled by the GOST Phantom System. A Wireless PGM is connected to the device you want to control, then the Marine Magellan, when given orders by you, instructs the PGM to turn the device on or off. This technology allows users to call into the GOST Phantom System from their cell phone or a landline and control each device from a remote location. Each device can also be controlled by a button on the included key fob remote.

The possibilities are almost endless, but popular applications include turning the cockpit lights on and off while approaching the boat at night and turning the ice maker on remotely several days before boating, so the machine is full of ice when you arrive. Currently, the GOST Phantom System can support four Wirless PGMs, but a new model due out next year will be able to support up to eight separate devices. Just remember to use your powers for good—playing tricks on friends who borrow your boat is not recommended.

To purchase your GOST Phantom Security & Monitoring System, contact GOST, at www.gostglobal.com . Find the dealer nearest you by calling (866) 929-4441.

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