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March 23, 2012 

Product of the Week: GOST™ EZ Tracker

The new EZ Tracker 2.0 from GOST™ (Global Ocean Security Technologies – formerly Paradox Marine) provides global tracking and monitoring of recreational and commercial vessels and features an integral, long life rechargeable battery that will allow the unit to operate up to 180 days between charges.

Designed for continuous use where there is no external power source, the compact, portable terminal measures just 10in by 7in by 2in (247mm x 178mm x 48mm). When the sensor or panic button is activated the unit will generate an ‘in alarm’ message with the vessel name, latitude, longitude, speed & heading for four hours. The terminal incorporates magnetic feet in addition to fixed mounting points to provide greater flexibility to monitor transitory or fixed assets.




For more information about the new GOST Mini Dome cameras and other GOST boat security, monitoring, tracking, video surveillance, acoustic deterrent and cloaking products, visit street booth 832 at the 2012 Palm Beach International Boat Show, www.gostglobal.com or call 1+954.565.9898.

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